Important COVID-19 Update

OFFICE PHONE: 860-522-9101
BRUCE'S CELL: 860-841-9441
RICH'S CELL: 860-402-1998
STAN'S CELL: 860-205-8003


For more than 130 years, the mission of The Hartford Lumber Company has been simple: to take care of our customers and employees while being excellent corporate citizens to our community. Due to the Coronavirus, the world around us is dramatically different, and we will be implementing the following policies immediately so we can meet our mission and enhance safety:

  • We will increase our trucking fleet so we can ship more deliveries per day. All deliveries in CT and parts of MA and RI will continue to be free and we will not apply a fuel surcharge.

  • We will continue to accept orders via office-phone, text, or email, but in-person orders will be suspended temporarily.

  • We will continue to allow customers to pick up their merchandise, but all orders must be placed in advance. To protect our customers and employees, drivers will not be allowed to exit their trucks to secure cargo until our customers and employees are a safe distance from each other.

  • Our personnel will only load orders that can be safely loaded with a forklift. All other orders must be loaded solely by the customer. If an order is too large to be loaded by a customer, we will deliver it. Once an order has been pulled, changes to it may not be made. During this difficult time, items may not be returned for credit. Since customers will not be allowed in our office or showroom, all receipts will only be transmitted electronically.


As we dedicate more staff to delivering goods, we will have fewer employees available to �instantaneously� pre-pick orders. Please allow enough notice prior to sending drivers to our yard. We appreciate the loyalty that all our customers have shown during this difficult time. We will do our best to minimize the inconvenience the necessary changes will cause.


The Hartford Lumber Company has continually operated at 17 Albany Avenue, Hartford, CT since 1889, serving our customers during times of war, the Great Depression, recessions, and the fire of 1998. Our top priority remains the health and safety of our employees, our customers, and our community. We will keep you apprised if circumstances cause a change in the policies stated herein. Please do not hesitate to call us to place your orders, seek information about products, get quotes, or ask us questions about your account. As much as possible, it will be "business as usual" at The Hartford Lumber Company. Thank you, and please act safely.

The Hartford Lumber Company

Amy D. Fechtor, President
Richard B. Fechtor, Vice President
Bruce Macke, Vice President
Stanley Maclure, Inside Sales Manager
Stephanie Fechtor Coroso, Bookkeeper and Office Manager