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Roofing Supplies

  •  Asphalt Shingles

  •  Cedar Shingles

  •  Synthetic Shingles 

  •  Soffet Vents

  •  Drip Edge 

  •  Metal Roofing

  •  Roofing Felt

  •  Roofing Nails

  •  Plywood Sheeting

  •  Waterproofing

  •  Insulation

  •  Ridge Vent

  •  Flashing 

  •  Plumbing Boots

The Hartford Lumber Company stocks and special orders most of your roofing material needs. Whether you need economical shingles, architectural shingles, or cedar shingles, we've got you covered. We also carry a full line of roofing accessories including; roofing nails, drip edge, roofing felt, flashing and more.  Contact us to today for current pricing and availability.

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