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Various Lumbers

  •  Various Lumber Dimension

  •  Pressure Treated Lumber

  •  Exotic Woods 

  •  Plywood

  •  Marine Grade Plywood

  •  Wood Veneers

  •  Reclaimed Woods

  •  Composite Lumber

  •  Mouldings

  •  Hardwood Lumbers

  •  Engineered Lumber

  •  Prefab Trusses

  •  Hardwood Lumber

  •  Cedar Lumber

  •  Softwood Lumber

  •  Oak Lumber

  •  Southern Pine

  •  Redwood Lumber

  •  White Cedar Lumber

  •  Mahogany

  •  Hem Fir Lumber

  •  Douglas Fir Lumber

The Hartford Lumber Company stocks and special orders most of your lumber needs. We offer a broad range or standard lumber and exotic lumbers for all of your building projects and new home construction. Contact us to today for current pricing and availability.  Click Here for common lumber dimensions.

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